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I recently shot Nike’s winter collection for the Sochi Olympic games.

Full collection website at

Creative Direction : Jen Brill

Photography : Jeremy Liebman

Styling : Brian Molloy

Set Design : Matt Jackson

Hair : Wesley O’ Meara

Makeup : Tracy Alfajora

Manicurist : Katherine St. Paul

Production : Kalena Yiaueki/Ask Agency


Etudes FW 2013

Etudes FW 2013

Outtake from my shoot with Mario Batali for Details. 

Outtake from my shoot with Mario Batali for Details. 

I shot some of the highlights of the mens SS14 collections for 032C. (From the top : Hood By Air, Issey Miyake, Calvin Klein, Dior Homme, Givenchy)


I worked with art director Rory Satran and set designer Amy Henry to create a color-coded gift guide for Opening Ceremony

I worked with set designer Robert Storey and art director Rory Satran to create this series of images for Opening Ceremony’s new coat collaboration with Yves Salomon. Full series is here

I paid a visit to the Upper East Side home of director Paul Morrissey, a central figure in Warhol’s factory, for Bad Day issue 16. He would only let me photograph him in one spot, and only chest-up ("I’m not a goddamn athlete!”). Kudos to Bad Day art director Colin Bergh for embracing the repetition in the opening spread. Morrissey doesn’t hold back in the interview with Charlie Curkin, railing against Warhol, contemporary filmmaking, The Velvet Underground, and pretty much everything else.